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A key insight I gained was that it takes a team to onboard a new employee.

My research also indicated that onboarding differs from company to company, department to department, and person to person.

  • Being aware of the manager’s flow, the new hire’s flow and how these would work together, as well as how other team members would be contributing to the new employee’s onboarding experience
  • Interviews emphasized a lack of accessibility of information and not knowing where to find said information: Information should be accessible and all housed in one place
  • HR managers explained that each experience needs to be tailored for every new hire
  • A large portion of the onboarding expierence is meeting team members: The ability to schedule meetings for new hires to meet other team members
  • A huge pain point for new employees was not knowing what to expect on their first day of work: Providing clarity on what to expect before day one

The Scenario

Andi Jaspers has been working at Woof; a small start up based in San Francisco, since it’s conception in 2016. She has contributed largely to Woof’s success and growth, and has big plans to keep Woof moving forward. Woof is currently a start up of 80 employees but is rapidly growing in size. Andi wants to mainstream their onboarding process as to help with Woof’s growing pains. She wants a system that allows her to train and manage new employees as well as provide them access to the materials and resources they will be needing at work on a daily basis. Andi has just hired Jessica Daniels to be her Marketing Associate and wants to now add her to her Marketing Team and to Woof’s HR resources and trainings.

Andi Jaspers (Hiring Manager) and Jessica Daniels (New Hire)
Paper Prototype
Experimenting with Colors and Styles

2nd Iteration

Andi’s (manager) Flow
Jessica’s (new hire) To Do List

3rd Iteration

Jessica’s (new hire) Flow

Final Iteration

For the final iteration I decided it was time to ditch the gradients and try for something simplier.

Style Tile
Final Prototype

Next Steps & Learnings

There are many learnings I gained from this project and many things I would still like to improve.

3 Months Down The Line

If All Aboard were to continue developing I would want to implement:

  • Develop the feature/option of assigning a mentor to new hires as a point person as well as the option to assign employees tasks. Being a new hire’s mentor could be an assigned task. Similar to how Trello works.
  • This would go hand in hand with a chat integration. This would allow for new hire’s to chat their mentors or managers or perhaps HR if they had any questions about the onboarding process.
  • A calendar integration would also be a beneficial next step 3 months in, allowing for employees to view when new hire’s are beginning.

6 Months Down The Line

  • A way to look up all profiles internally
  • Allow for All Aboard to be a customizable interface by company
  • The option to add more than one employee at a time
  • A way for HR to follow up with new hires a couple months in



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Florencia Hasson

Florencia Hasson

UX/UI Designer based in San Francisco